Review: Ugly People, Beautiful Hearts by Marlen Komar

Series: standalone
Genre: poetry, romance
Release date: March 11, 2015

Ugly People Beautiful Hearts is a poetry book with over 70 poems and verses moving between the feelings of loving someone, feeling loss, trusting the night sky, losing your light, resolving that hurt is beautiful, and finding compassion in a stranger's smile.

We hurt and are hurt. We love and are loved. We’re selfish, and cruel, and like to watch something beautiful turn ugly. We don’t care about others. Not really. We use them until there’s no more to be used.

But we also want to find each other. Want to draw closer. Feel, and take care. We want to look at someone and know, that what they see looking back at them is light.

We’re all ugly people. Ugly people with beautiful hearts.

My review: ★★★ +.05
*ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review*

This is first poetry book I read, ever. I just never have been interested in poetry and didn't think it would be my kind of thing.
But when Marlen sent me the request, I couldn't help being in awe while reading the sample. So I just had to try it. Especially since I try to read different kind of genres lately.

And I liked it... kind of? I don't know really know for sure, since it's my first poetry I don't have a lot to compare it with. There were some poems I liked and some I disliked. I assume that's normal.
The only thing that really bothered me through the whole book was the repetition of phrases and how the poems started.
The amount of poems that started with "And..." (which makes is start out of the blue and weird) and "You know that moment when?.." was just irritating in the end. Again, it's my fist poetry book, so I don't know if it's supposed to be like this... I'm just sharing my own honest thoughts.

But despite this little negative thing, the writing of Marlen is still beautiful and honest. It felt true and I'm sure every single poem came straight from her heart. I mean, even me, someone who's never read poetry before, could feel it. So if you like poems about love and life, then you should definitely give this one a chance!

Here are some favorite lines:

- And as I bring my hands to my face, try to catch my breath, inhale the promises of the song you took away from me, I say it again. I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay. I'll be okay.

- And I've had my heart broken in so many interesting ways, but this way, oh by far, has been my favorite.

- Funny, how strangers were once part of your life.

- You're not put through anything. You're just experiencing what it means to be alive.

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