Recruit Tour: The Forgotten Mountain by Heather Lyons (+ giveaway!)

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I am absolutely thrilled to bring you the Recruit Tour for Heather Lyons' THE FORGOTTEN MOUNTAIN! TFM is an Adult Romantic Fairy Tale, full of adventure and fantasy and the third book in Heather’s The Collectors’ Society Series! Grab your copy! TFM will be released on June 26th!

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About "The Forgotten Mountain"

After years spent in Wonderland, Alice Reeve learned the impossible was quite possible after all. She thought she left such fantastical realities behind when she finally returned to England. Now Alice has become a member of the clandestine Collectors’ Society, and the impossible has found her again in the form of an elusive villain set on erasing entire worlds. As she and the rest of the Society race to bring this mysterious murderer to justice, the fight becom
es painfully personal. Lives are being lost. Loved ones are shattered or irrevocably altered. Each step closer Alice gets to the shadowy man she hunts, the more secrets she unravels, only to reveal chilling truths. If she wants to win this war and save millions of lives, Alice must once more embrace the impossible and make the unimaginable, imaginable. Sometimes, the rabbit hole leads to terrifying places.

Find out more HERE about the two previous books and the lovely Heather Lyons.
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Who would you recruit?

This amazing series based on Alice in Wonderland and the plot is intertwined with a lot of famous characters from other books: Finn Huckleberry, Emma Knightly, Wendy (Peter Pan), S. Todd, Victor Frankenstein Jr., Jack Dawkins (Oliver Twist), Sherlock Holmes, and SO much more!

I have no idea how Heather came up with this brilliant idea, but I can't seem to get enough of it. Every time a new (and well... "known") character appeared I was in awe at how good it fit into the story. This whole Recruit Tour is about who would WE (as in the readers) want in the series. And I have two possibilities.

The first person who popped into my head is Harry Potter. I don't know how to explain why I would love that. But I think it would be awesome because of the magic. There's also magic in Wonderland, but it's not the same. I think it might bring some interesting conversations between Alice and Harry ;)

Secondly, I'd love to see some characters of the LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. That's would be AWESOME. Oh man, just imagine Daemon and Finn together! hahah :D They live in two opposite kind of worlds and I think that would be epic if they would work together!

If you're familiar with the books, who would you want to appear? Share you opinions in the comments!!

Enter the giveway!
One Winner will receive a The Collectors’ Society Series bracelet and a signed paperback of THE COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY!

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