... goodbye blogger!

If you're reading this: THANK YOU for sticking with me!!
I missed blogging SO MUCH! I swear, right after I announced that I was taking a little break, a million ideas for posts popped into my head. Two days after, I was already itching to get back to blogging. But I told myself I needed this break, so I lay low for a while.

But then, I started thinking about doing a big change. I was sick of my theme and I wanted to change my url. It basically felt like the perfect time for a makeover!
I started looking for new themes, but the choice for Blogger isn't that big. Nothing pleased me, so I went to look further and thought "why not change to Wordpress?". And I just freaking did it. I've always wanted to do this, but for some reason I never did . Until now.
For the last two weeks, I've been working on transferring my blog and editing my new theme.

This is my new banner!

I hope you all like it as much as I do, because I've been dying to share this with you for a long time! But before I share the link, I have to give some info first:

There were two little downsides to the whole relaunching.  During the transfer it could be that some posts look a bit weird. Such as line breaks missing etc. I'm still slowly working through every post to fix this.

The second this is that I lost all my stats and followers. I'm basically starting from zero. All comments, likes and followers were not transfered. So I would love it for you if you could follow me on my WordPress version of this blog. This Blogger version will not disappear, but it won't be updated anymore. I would be so happy if you could share this to your bookish friends!

Now, on to the good part! I say goodbye to the horrible editing possibilities of Blogger (no offense, but it's true haha), to my crappy theme, to my weird looking widgets... and I welcome you over to my new blog:

Much love, Melissa