Review: Arrow, volume 1 by Marc Guggenheim

Genre: comics, tv show companion, superheroes, mystery, crime
Series: Arrow #1

Spinning off directly from the hit CW television series ARROW comes the Emerald Archerer in these digital-first adventures!

Show creators Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim team with some of the industry's best artists, including Mike Grell (GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS), Phil Hester (GREEN ARROW: QUIVER) and others to fill in the gaps between episodes of one of TV's hottest new series.

Collects Arrow #1-6 and #1 Special edition.

My review: ★★★★

This is the first comic I've read since middle grade and I have to say, I liked it a lot! Not as much as I though I would, but that's probably because I'm more like a 300-pages-book type ;)

This comic is actually not the complete story. It is based on the show. This comic consists of short chapters that are extra's from the tv show. The drawings are very good, although sometime I had a hard time recognizing the people and stories. But that's probably all on me, because I already forgot like half of the things that happened in season one of Arrow...

Anyway, I still enjoyed this and I'm definitely reading the next comics! (If I can figure out the order of them at least haha).

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