New year = few changes!

I'm going to do some changes to my weekly posts!

This is the previous schedule:

MONDAY: Get to know the author (every two weeks)
WEDNESDAY: Weekly Recommendation based on a theme
FRIDAY: Recent release
SUNDAY: Book Of The Week

I'm going to stop with the weekly recommendations, because I feel like I always recommend the same books... I had a hard time keeping up with these posts because half the time I didn't have inspiration for themes...

But don't be sad! I'm starting a new weekly thing! Something I'll be able to keep up without problem :D
Every Friday I'll post a "Friday Finds", which consists of all the books I added to my tbr list during the week. You see why this won't be a problem for me? :D I always add tons of books on GR :D Since it's a thing that should be posted on Friday, I'll move my recent release posts on Wednesday.

So this will the new schedule, starting tomorrow (January 5th):

MONDAY: Get to know the author (every two weeks)
WEDNESDAY: Recent Release
FRIDAY: Friday Finds
SUNDAY: Book Of The Week

A lot of you are probably not interested in this post, but I just wanted to share it with you ;)

Love you! ♥
And thank you for following my blog!!

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