Discuss: Is there such a thing as 'reading too much'?

You're probably wondering why I'm asking this. Let this be clear, I do NOT think someone can read too much. That's just not in my dictionary... or whatever the expression is :D

I often get the remark of 'geez, you read a lot, why do you like it?' or 'I don't get why you like reading. It's boring!' and even 'It's not good to read that much, you should stop reading so much". Do you get these remarks too? I wish I could say I completely don't care about this... and I don't for like 3/4 of the time.... but I have to admit: it pisses me off.

It's been a few times that I had a fight with my parents because they don't get why I like reading. They don't get why I spend almost all my money and time on books. They think I should "get off my reading cloud more often and get a grip on reality'.  Like what the hell?!
Why do people always think that booklovers don't know what reality is? Yes, I read a lot, but why should this automatically mean that I don't know what's happening in the real world? Or that I don't care about the real and serious stuff happening in the world? Of course I care about these things!! I mean, half of the time I read New Adult books that discuss death, health, friendship, love... and all those other real things.

I always say: "Better be addicted to books, than drugs/alcohol/..." (you agree, right?)
The respond I get is often a shrug that means "I still don't get you" or rolling eyes that mean "girl, you're weird." This just makes me so mad! This is basically a never-ending fight in my home.

I'm so grateful for instagram, goodreads and my blog. I also have a few friends that read, so I'm very grateful for them too. Because I can't share all of this bookish things with my family. They often wonder why I don't talk much about personal stuff... well... I often don't because I'm sick of these looks and eye-rolls. Don't get me wrong, I love my family to death, but I hate the fact that they don't seem to understand why I like reading.

I'm telling you all of this because I would like to know how your situation is? Do your friends and family respect your love for books? Or not? Share anything if you want. I would love to talk to you about it.

I look forward to read your thoughts on this!

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