Reading goals for 2015

First day of the year is almost over and it's time to share my reading goals for this year!

1. Read 100 books

I have a full time job and not a lot of vacation days (I just started working there), so I'll probably won't have a lot of time to read, but I still want to read 100 books this year! If I could read overpass my challenge of last year, that would be even better ;)

2. Reread Harry Potter

I'm a huge Potterhead and usually I reread all the books once a year, but the last two (maybe three?) years I haven't been doing it. So this needs to change! :D
For my birthday I received the books in English so I really need to read them at least once (I've only read the books in Dutch).

3. Finish The Mortal Instrument Series

Oh man. I seriously need to read this goal! I read until City Of Lost Souls. I read the first 100-150 pages and then put it on hold, thinking I would pick it up again after reading a book or two in between. It's been on hold for a at least 7 months now... I just NEED to finish it, because I love this series and I want to know how it ends!

4. Get my 'owned books tbr' down

Right now I own 164 books and I haven't read 65 of them yet... I need to fix this!
I know I will buy a lot more, but I need to find a system to actually read them too :D Maybe every month a few of them? I don't know yet... :D

5. Buy max. 5 books each month

This brings me to my last goal! I bought so many books in 2014 and I need to save some money! Gifts don't count though! :D please buy me books because 5 is way to little haha

What about you? ;) What are your reading goals for 2015?

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