The Maze Runner: The Movie

I finally saw the movie! Twice! :D

I saw it Saturday for the first time and I was OVER-EXCITED! My heart was pounding so fast during 90% of the movie. It was so good! To be honest, I don't remember a lot of details from the book because it's been a long time since I read the book, but I still think the movie follows the book pretty good. Yes, there were some differences, but isn't there always in an adaptation? So I didn't mind ;)

The cast is beyond perfection! Dylan O'Brien did an AMAZING job!! I know him from Teen Wolf and I consider myself as a mayor fan, so I was so glad he had his first big movie. And he deserves all the awards because he was so good! I admired him through the whole movie (he's even hotter on a big screen haha).

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt), Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and Blake Cooper (Chuck) also did an amazing job! They are the perfect actors for these characters. Especially Minho! 

I'm just not very happy with Kaya Scodelario as Teresa and I can't even explain why exactly. I guess I imagined her differently... Anyway, that just a minor complaining :D

The way they did the whole maze was just... WOW! It was totally how I imagined it! The grievers were also amazing! Disgusting but amazing :D I imagined them completely different, but the movie-version is way better than the one in my head ;) 

Anyway, I just had to see the movie for a second time, so I went back the day after and I loved the movie even more! I cried a little (again) during the ending, because of.... you-know-who :( 

The movie reminded me how much I liked the first book. I'm thinking about rereading the whole trilogy again. If you haven't read any of these books yet, please consider reading them, because they are so good! I loved the movie a lot, but the book is so much better. When I reread it, I'll definitely write a decent review for you guys ;)

Now enjoy these three hotties (you're welcome :D):

Minho, Thomas and Newt

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