Review: Be With Me by J. Lynn

My rating: ★★★★★
Genre: new adult, contemporary, romance.
Series: Wait For You #2

Blurb from Goodreads:

From the bestselling author of WAIT FOR YOU, prepare to be blown away by her next New Adult story of love, lust and longing - containing an exclusive bonus scene that isn’t in the ebook that you won’t want to miss!

There are a lot of reasons why Teresa and Jase should steer clear of each other…

Firstly, Teresa is Jase’s best friend’s little sister – and Jase has a pretty good idea of how Cam will feel about anyone messing her around.
Secondly, Teresa’s dreams of being a dancer have just been put on hold – maybe permanently. The last thing she needs is a player like Jase distracting her when she needs to find direction.
Thirdly, Jase has a secret. A big one. And he’s not ready to risk sharing it with anyone apart from the people closest to his heart.

But there is one electric reason why they can’t stay away from each other…

My review:

“Holy shit, where did you learn that? Fuck. Don’t answer. I don’t want to know. I prefer to think you were born with that talent.”

Oh my goodness ! Jennifer proved once more she kicks ass in writing books. Seriously, she deserves all possible prizes/awards! ♥
I thought I wouldn’t like it as much as Wait For You, because well… Cam’s perfect. But I was so wrong. I fell in love with Jase immediately. Yes, he was a bit of a ladies man in the beginning, but that didn’t bothered me at all. Because he fits so well with Tess. They are the cutest (and very hot too!!)! They struggled a bit in the beginning and there was a huge plot twist for me about Jase. I was so surprised, but it totally gripped and I barely could put the book down after that moment (view spoiler). I was completely absorbed into the story and seriously, I loved everything about it.

"I love you like I love cupcakes."

Jase is super sweet. The cupcake-thing was perfect every single time (you’ll have to read the books to know what I mean). And Tess was amazing too. I didn’t expected to like her as much as Avery. She acted very maturely for her age and I appreciated this a lot. She’s been through SO much and she held up herself so strong for a long time. I seriously admire here, because I wouldn’t have been able to hold myself together like she did.

"We need to tell your brother." And that would be terrifying. For Jase. But I smiled. "Maybe I'll just update my Facebook to 'in a relationship' and tag you?"
Jase snickered and then dropped another kiss on my forehead. "That should go over well.”

The little drama and mystery sides to this book fit into the story and I loved them. Some were very cruel yes, but I’m glad how everything turned out. I don’t know how Jennifer does it. She manages to blow me away every single time. This book is cute, funny, hot, dreamy, realistic, heartbreaking and so well written!

“You don’t get it, Tess. I can’t have you.”
“But you do have me,” I whispered.

Oooooooh, and the little parts about Cam and Avery were just PERFECT!! Thanks Jennifer to mention them in the books, because I missed them so much ♥

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