A very Harry Potter birthday!

Some of you may know (or not) but my birthday was on the 31st of July. And since it's also the birthday of Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling). I organized a little trip to London to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour!

Guys, I had the best day ever!! I had the privilege to be able to open the doors of the Great Hall together with three other birthday-girls and it was the best feeling ever! I was shaking and feeling SO extremely happy! The whole studio is amazing and so much better than I expected (my expectations were extremely high). There's no way I saw every single thing because there's freaking much to see! They told us that the average time of the Tour is 3 hours... but geez, die-hard fans like me don't have enough with three hours! Me and my friend spend at 6 hours in it! Out feet hurt like hell, but you weren't able to knock of the smile off our faces. Every Harry Potter fan should definitely go there some day, because it's so worth it. I was celebrated my 21st birthday, but I was walking around and awing like a 5 year old.

Somewhere in the middle of the tour is a cafeteria. And of course, I drank butterbeer!  I think it's a combination of apple/caramel bubbly drink with on top a buttery/soft ice cream topping? Anyway, it's delicious. I bought the souvenir tank (obviously)!

Oh my god and the shop! I would have loved to buy everything! But I settled with: a Marauders Mug, a t-shirt, a Slytherin notebook, the souvenir book of the tour, postcards and a bag. You can see some items on a picture I posted on my Instagram here :)

Now, believe it or not, but during the whole tour I took 650 pictures. I'm not even kidding. And the blurry or bad ones were immediately deleted. So it's 650 pictures that were actually good! :D To share some of them with you guys I made a little collage with the best ones. I hope you enjoy them and from time to time I still post them on my IG, so make you sure you check them out too ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have already been to the tour, share me your stories! 
And if you haven't, share what you want to see the most! :) xoxo

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