Instagram picture: If I Stay duology + Tattify!

Source: my instagram: @melissa_reads

Info about my tattoo:
The tattoo is temporary (lasts 4-5 days) and you can purchase it at TATTIFY.COM
I'm part of the Ambassador Crew and promote their new tats. 

They have a large selection of themes: 
feathers, quotes, infinity, animals, nature, arrows, colorful, words, music, FANDOM, BOOKISH tats and so on.
They also have nail wraps and metallic (gold and silver) tats!

Now here comes the good stuff:
- They ship WORLDWIDE for FREE
- If you use my name MELISSA, you get 15% DISCOUNT!

Go check it out! If you aren't convinced yet, go check it out either way. Maybe some of the arts will convince you! 

And remember, it's temporary, so you don't have to worry about any commitments ;)