Little announcement

I have some bad news. I'm taking a little break from my blog. 
As you probably noticed I haven't been posting regularly anymore. It started off because of my traveling but now I haven't been able to catch up with my schedule due to some "personal problems" too (sorry, I'm being so vague).

That's why, instead of fussing about the fact that I have no posts for you, I decided to take a little break. I don't know for how long yet, though. It may be for a week, two weeks or a month. As soon as I feel like I can do this again, I'll be back in full force, I promise. 
But right now, I just need a little time to get everything sorted again.

But I won't disappear completely :) I'll still be updating my Goodreads and Instagram. Reviews on Goodreads will take a bit more time than usual, but I'll still continue with my reading.
I promise you, when I'll be back, I'll have so many reviews on my blog, that you won't even notice I was gone :)

And just in case I haven't been clear in the past: I love you all for following my blog. I thank you for all the time you spent on my blog, reading my random (and crazy) posts and review. Just thank you, thank you, thank you.

See you soon! <3
With much love,