Promo post: Crave The Rose by Karen Kincy (+ Excerpt)

If you're into (steamy) New Adult romances then this is definitely something for you! This novel, Crave The Rose, came out earlier this year and it's just waiting for you to read it ;)

Series: stand-alone
Genre: NA, romance, contemporary

While studying abroad at Oxford, Cassia loses her boyfriend in an accident--the night after she catches him screwing another girl.

Only Bram, an Irish charmer whose wolfish smile hides his darkest secrets, makes her feel anything but numb. Cassia refuses to be hurt again. This is sex, nothing more, with three little rules: No cheating. No lies. No falling in love. But rules are made to be broken...


Back at the Audi, I drag my clothes over my damp skin. Wind drives rain into my eyes.
Shivering, I hop into the car. Bram starts the engine and presses a button under my seat. The leather warms beneath my butt.
“Oh my God,” I say. “I love your car. Can I marry you and steal it?”
He snorts. “Prenup.”
I lean across and cling to his arm. “Baby, buy me a giant diamond and my own Audi.”
He shakes me free with feigned disgust. “Back, woman!” He crosses himself.
“Too late.” I laugh. “I seduced your sexy ass.”
“My ass?” he says delicately.
“Okay, so I seduced all of you.”
He meets my gaze, half of a smirk on his face. “What are your evil plans?”
“Besides the diamonds and cars? I haven’t decided.”
“Since when did one diamond become plural?”
I grin. “Bitches love diamonds. Buy me some of that shit to win my undying love.”
He clears his throat, his cheeks red. “I’d rather not buy your love.”
My heart soars heavenward, but I drag it back to earth. “That’s so romantic,” I say, as sarcastically as possible.
He flashes me a smile. “Isn’t it?” He shifts to drive and hits the road.

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