Bookish News: Ugly Love movie adaptation? HELL YES!

If you follow Colleen Hoover on Instagram/Facebook, you probably already know this, but there will be a 'Ugly Love' movie! I haven't read the book yet, but I'm super excited anyway :D I think I'll read the book next month ;)

And I'm not just excited about the fact that a book is being turned into a movie, but also because of WHO is going to be in this movie: Nick Bateman.

Oh man, is he even real? HE IS GORGEOUS!! I think I scrolled though his IG account for half an hour... just looking at his perf pictures... I think I'm in love.

Colleen confirmed this but doesn't know any details yet, so make sure you follow them on IG and facebook to be updated! Here are some links: 

This movie is scheduled for 2016, so why not enjoy the pictures of this beautiful man in the mean time? haha :D 

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